Appetizers & Salads

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Miso Soup
Homemade broth with cubes of tofu, seaweed and chopped scallions.
Steamed green soy beans, salted in the pod.
Tony's mussels
2 or 3 giant green-lipped New Zealand mussels on the half shell, topped with a creamy souffled sauce and baked.
Smoked Salmon $8.99
Slices of silky tofu fanned on a plate, topped with ponzu sauce and garnished with fresh scallions.
House marinated whole baby octopus, 2 pieces.
Ika No Uniae
Thin slices of squid topped with sea urchin.
A small, refreshing salad of seaweed, sliced cucumber, chopped scallions, ponzu (citrus-soy sauce) and roasted sesame seeds with your choice of crab, octopus, shrimp or whitefish.
Seafood Salad
Seaweed, cucumber, sliced burdock root, avocado, scallions, sichimi and roasted sesame seeds scattered with salmon, octopus, squid, shrimp, red snapper, surf clam, scallops, crab, masago (smelt roe) and ikura (salmon roe), dressed with ponzu.
Vegetarian Seaweed Salad
A large bowl filled with seaweed (kelp), avocado, cucumber, scallions, burdock, roasted sesame seeds and sichimi (Japanese 7-pepper seasoning).

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